Conflicts of Interest

Personal directory of Heather Holmes

Bailey A. Sheehan

Next Gen John Heinz
Bailey Sheehan is a writer / former artist who lives in South Philadelphia. You can access his projects @ and Bailey co-operates a newsletter with Rahul Shinde, you can sign up for the newsletter at either site, or at You can access some fan fiction written by Sheehan through visiting his profile on
I heard Bailey’s name for years before the two of us actually met, through Rahul. Over the summer I learned what a good cook Bailey is when I went over to Bailey and Rahul’s house for a few dinners, one with memorable biscuits and gravy. There were a few good weeks in there when we all watched Drag Race together. Bailey’s a Drag Race aficionado.

Connie Yu

Cooking, on the Condition of Now
Connie Yu practices writing and printing, which feel most energetic when collaborative. They are trying to put less weight on what makes sense. In the course of waiting and writing for this project, they have been more attuned to conflicts of interest - in wage work, in organizing, in the kitchen, and in grant-based work, as Heather speaks to. Thank you for identifying the caution, and carrying on as redress. Highlights (October/November 2020) - snow fungus and pear soup, pastitsio, lemongrass-braised bluefish, bulurgiones with shiitake consomme, Andra's black sesame panna cotta. Tools of late - mortar and pestle, Kiwi knife, quads, the porch, alone time, repetition. Learning about - blockchain, TCM, mushrooms, shanzhai economies.
Out of these contributors, I think I’ve known Connie the longest. We went to school together, and since then I’ve admired their quiet ferocity and intense intelligence and kindness. Connie was one of the first people I videochatted with in the pandemic, in March—along with mutual friends, we worked on the New York Times Sunday crossword.

Ella Heron

Parte Parcell
ella heron is a trans sound artist and educator from occupied quinnipiac territory. her work is inspired by soundsystem cultures, mycorrhizal networks, tektology, and failure. ella wants chestnut trees back on chestnut street, and a world without work.
I met Ella this year, unexpectedly, in Connecticut. The first movie we watched together was Titanic, which neither of us had seen before, and we fell asleep. Most recently, we watched the first two installments of Kieślowski’s Dekalog and also fell asleep, but only during the second film.

Gee Wesley

Everything Must Go
Gee Wesley is an arts organizer born in Monrovia, Liberia, and based in New York. Wesley has held previous roles as Program Director at Recess (Brooklyn, NY), Curatorial Fellow at SculptureCenter (Queens, NY), Curatorial Fellow at the Institute of Contemporary Art (Philadelphia, PA), and adjunct faculty in the Curatorial Practice MFA program at the Maryland Institute College of Art (Baltimore, MD). He is a co-founder of Ulises, a bookshop and curatorial platform based in Philadelphia. Wesley is an M.A. candidate at the Center for Curatorial Studies, Bard College.
I remember when I first moved to New York, I used to run into Gee all the time. At first it was surprising to me, but then it made sense – Gee’s kindness makes you feel at home wherever you are. Gee is razor-sharp and someone who makes me feel excited about the possibilities of publication as form.

Kaitlin Pomerantz

Kaitlin Pomerantz (she, they) is an interdisciplinary artist, writer and educator in Philadelphia (Lenapehoking)
The last time I hung out with Kaitlin, we shared mango licorice outside her house, which is down the street from mine in Germantown. Her dog Maybe was there, and we were both stressed but I felt a definitive lift being around her.

Wilmer Wilson IV

Power Nap
✅ art, mostly visionary; sometimes i moonlight as a scholar
✅ i have never taken a properly focused photograph in my entire life
✅ orthodoxy is a luxury we cannot afford
The last thing I texted Wilmer was a video of me skateboarding, badly, in an empty parking lot. The last thing Wilmer texted me was about puzzles, which we did a lot of collaboratively last winter. We’ve also collaborated on book projects, art, partnership, cooking, foraging, and so on. Wilmer’s one of my oldest friends.

Zan de Parry & Demyan Hryciw

Conflicts AS Interest
Zan de Parry can be found variously in print and online.

Demyan Hryciw is a member of PLAST, National Scouting Organization of Ukraine. He has led scout camps in Ukraine, Germany, Canada, and across the United States. His professional engagements center on public land advocacy, community development, and outdoor recreation.
Zan and our mutual friend Chelsea used to have these gatherings called PP Party at their house in South Philly back when we gathered inside/in person/in groups, and I distinctly remember a performance given by Zan last winter at the foot of the staircase that was one of the best readings of a poem I’d heard. Me and Wilmer used to drink fancy cocktails Zan made at a bar downtown, which I miss.